A Message From the Save The Africa Centre Campaign: The Africa Centre Report 2014


Water Rodney speaking to a packed audience at the Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Date unkown

Dear Friends 

In 2012, you all took part in the Save the Africa Centre Campaign, helping to galvanise a community of support behind a demand for the Africa Centre’s trustees not to sell the Africa Centre at 38 King Street – at least not without public knowledge and consultation.

 When we concluded the Save The Africa Centre Campaign in 2012, we promised to feedback and produce a report in 2014 that would follow up on what has happened since the Africa Centre’s trustees decided to sell.

 Next week, (w/c 31st March 2014) we will publish that report, here, on our blogwww.savetheafricacentre.wordpress.com

 Please do look out for it, and share it widely. We hope the Africa Centre will respond constructively to the report.

We thank you for taking part, we have been truly humbled by the numbers that signed our petition and who sustained their commitment to this cause for the 2 years in which we fought to have the community’s voice heard.

 From the Save The Africa Centre Campaign Team