A Message From the Save The Africa Centre Campaign: The Africa Centre Report 2014


Water Rodney speaking to a packed audience at the Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Date unkown

Dear Friends 

In 2012, you all took part in the Save the Africa Centre Campaign, helping to galvanise a community of support behind a demand for the Africa Centre’s trustees not to sell the Africa Centre at 38 King Street – at least not without public knowledge and consultation.

 When we concluded the Save The Africa Centre Campaign in 2012, we promised to feedback and produce a report in 2014 that would follow up on what has happened since the Africa Centre’s trustees decided to sell.

 Next week, (w/c 31st March 2014) we will publish that report, here, on our blogwww.savetheafricacentre.wordpress.com

 Please do look out for it, and share it widely. We hope the Africa Centre will respond constructively to the report.

We thank you for taking part, we have been truly humbled by the numbers that signed our petition and who sustained their commitment to this cause for the 2 years in which we fought to have the community’s voice heard.

 From the Save The Africa Centre Campaign Team


Save The Africa Centre Campaign endorses Proposal by Adjaye and Ibrahim

 Save the Africa Centre Campaign welcomes pause for thought on sale of iconic Africa Centre

David Adjaye and Hadeel Ibrahim have put forward an independent and widely supported proposal to keep the Africa Centre at 38 King Street

16TH July – London: The Save the Africa Centre Campaign – a grassroots campaign group backed by some of Africa’s highest-profile figures and leading UK politicians – has welcomed the announcement by Oliver Andrews, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Africa Centre, that the Board will halt the sale of the Africa Centre while a significant new proposal is considered in detail.The proposal to rejuvenate the premises at 38 King Street – put forward jointly by Hadeel Ibrahim, Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, and David Adjaye, the award-winning architect – is accompanied by expressions of interest from heavyweight donors and has the backing of a range of organisations committed to using the revamped site.

The Trustees have agreed to a stay of execution on the sale of the Africa Centre for four weeks, to explore thoroughly the new scheme laid out in the proposal, to engage the broader African community and to base their final decision on a transparent and public rationale.

The proposal outlines a two-phase plan to raise money to cover urgent renovation costs and then create a sustainable business through which the Centre can be redeveloped and the very best African arts and cultural programming can be delivered at the Centre’s iconic site in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

During the Proposal Period: The Save The Africa Centre Campaign will be consulting  supporters on the use of the Africa Centre, working constructively with Hadeel Ibrahim, Adjaye Associates and other interested parties during the proposal period.

Save The Africa Centre Campaign

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Image and quote from The Financial Times, 16th July 



Still Evasive, but OTA says he’s listening?

Oliver Tunde Andrews, Chairman of trustees appeared on the Dotun Adebayo show and accepted the need for consultation with the Save The Africa Centre Campaign. Yet he continues to resist the call for an open and transparent process of consultation. Oliver Tunde Andrews, as Chairman of trustees, was unable to answer specifically what they intend to do with the money from a sale of the Africa Centre’s only asset beyond the vague assurances so far given. Nevertheless, Oliver Tunde Andrews committed to a process of consultation, and to consider all possibilities of maintaining the Africa Centre, which includes a vision for keeping the Africa Centre at 38 King Street. Over 30 callers sought to get through to express their concerns about the sale of the Africa Centre. It demonstrates that there is a continued need for the trustees to address the concerns of the African Diaspora community about their deal to sell a 125 year lease to Capital and Counties for £10.5 Million, despite the fact that there is wide concern that this deal is not in the best interests of the charity but that of the property developer.


For Urgent Release:

Today as a result of community protest at Capital and Counties’ (CAPCO)’ offices
following the outrageous decision by the trustees to sign an option to sell the Africa Centre PRIOR to any consultation with members and beneficiaries-

1. Capital and Counties, conceded the rush to buy is influenced by the knowledge that the property will only increase in value over time.

2. They agree to propose postponing signing the option to sell until AFTER the Extraordinary General Meeting on 20th June.

3. A more detailed update will be issued shortly. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the community’s continued support today.

Save The Africa Centre Campaign