So far a great deal has been achieved in the campaign with very limited resources and a lot of love and support. We need your support  for this to continue. Any donation you are  able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Your donations will go towards:

Paying expenses on the campaign as they arise
Supporting our communication activities on the campaign

The STAC account is held at HSBC, Strand Branch

Account Name: Save The Africa Centre Campaign

Branch Sort Code: 40-02-08
Account Number: 41530488


One thought on “Donate

  1. Maimouna Jallow says:

    I am totally against this sale. For years the Africa Centre has not been what it should be, which is a vibrant space for the celebration of African culture, intellect, art etc. To now hear that the trustees want to sell it without even consulting those of us who have lent our support to the centre despite its recent failings is an insult. Africans and Africa lovers around the world, we need to unite. We can put a stop to this. More than that, this will be a good time to reconsider who should be entrusted with the safe-keeping of the Africa Centre in the future.

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