STAC nominated for 2011 South African Club (London) Award

Dear STAC supporters,
Please could you post a comment at the bottom of this weblink within the next 3 days?
Your comments will help you / the Save the Africa Centre (STAC) team secure an award for our ongoing efforts to revitalise the Africa Centre at 38 King Street in Covent Garden, London. The award is partly influenced by the number of written comments each of these fantastic nominees receives on the South African newspaper’s website.
The Save the Africa Centre campaign has been nominated for the 2011 South African Business Club (London) Awards and Boko Inyundo has been invited to attend the awards ceremony on 24 November. The nomination is in this prestigious awards’ “Charity of the Year” category. The recognition is for the “phenomenal work” that you and the STAC team have been doing to save the Africa Centre and for the “phenomenal online marketing campaign to canvass support for this landmark venue in London“.
The STAC team takes this opportunity to thank all our petitioners for their incredible support over the last few months. We also humbly thank the South African Business Club as well as the newspaper, the South African, for this accolade. We have been truly blessed by the support we have received from South Africa which not only includes this nomination but also the public support from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the South African High Commission in London.
We leave you with a quote left by one of our petitioners, Adam Neill, based in Cape Town when he signed STAC’s online petition –  “When you sell our history, you sell your soul”. We hope that the Board of trustees of the Africa Centre take heed of this call.
With all our thanks
The Save the Africa Centre campaign team

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