What do you Want – a report on the STAC survey on support for the Africa Centre

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Save The Africa Centre Campaign,

Earlier in the summer, in support of the Ibrahim & Adjaye proposal to refurbish the Africa Centre at 38 King Street and establish a sustainable future for the Africa Centre as a charity, STAC agreed to canvas STAC supporters with a survey of all those who signed the STAC Petition. This survey sought to collect views and opinions from the wider community on:

Membership of the Africa Centre
The wider community’s expectations of the Africa Centre
Suggestions on how greater participation by the wider community could be promoted.

Over 10% of registered supporters on the STAC campaign’s database responded to the survey  – representing an above average response rate – and we attach, as promised, the summary of the data collected from this survey for your information. The data was summarised by an independent researcher, Adaoma Wosu, a PhD student at UCL who was not involved in the survey design or the administration of the Survey.

With best wishes
The Save the Africa Centre Campaign team


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