Save The Africa Centre Campaign endorses Proposal by Adjaye and Ibrahim

 Save the Africa Centre Campaign welcomes pause for thought on sale of iconic Africa Centre

David Adjaye and Hadeel Ibrahim have put forward an independent and widely supported proposal to keep the Africa Centre at 38 King Street

16TH July – London: The Save the Africa Centre Campaign – a grassroots campaign group backed by some of Africa’s highest-profile figures and leading UK politicians – has welcomed the announcement by Oliver Andrews, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Africa Centre, that the Board will halt the sale of the Africa Centre while a significant new proposal is considered in detail.The proposal to rejuvenate the premises at 38 King Street – put forward jointly by Hadeel Ibrahim, Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, and David Adjaye, the award-winning architect – is accompanied by expressions of interest from heavyweight donors and has the backing of a range of organisations committed to using the revamped site.

The Trustees have agreed to a stay of execution on the sale of the Africa Centre for four weeks, to explore thoroughly the new scheme laid out in the proposal, to engage the broader African community and to base their final decision on a transparent and public rationale.

The proposal outlines a two-phase plan to raise money to cover urgent renovation costs and then create a sustainable business through which the Centre can be redeveloped and the very best African arts and cultural programming can be delivered at the Centre’s iconic site in the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

During the Proposal Period: The Save The Africa Centre Campaign will be consulting  supporters on the use of the Africa Centre, working constructively with Hadeel Ibrahim, Adjaye Associates and other interested parties during the proposal period.

Save The Africa Centre Campaign

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Image and quote from The Financial Times, 16th July 




One thought on “Save The Africa Centre Campaign endorses Proposal by Adjaye and Ibrahim

  1. The Africa Centre is a treasure! Last year I rented an office there and realised that every day someone new would find their way to the AC, with visitors arriving from all over the world. Some of them turned into interviews on ‘Talking Africa’, Sonny Decker’s radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, and others were just looking for information or entertainment with an African theme. Jane Angel Media Productions CIC

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