Still Evasive, but OTA says he’s listening?

Oliver Tunde Andrews, Chairman of trustees appeared on the Dotun Adebayo show and accepted the need for consultation with the Save The Africa Centre Campaign. Yet he continues to resist the call for an open and transparent process of consultation. Oliver Tunde Andrews, as Chairman of trustees, was unable to answer specifically what they intend to do with the money from a sale of the Africa Centre’s only asset beyond the vague assurances so far given. Nevertheless, Oliver Tunde Andrews committed to a process of consultation, and to consider all possibilities of maintaining the Africa Centre, which includes a vision for keeping the Africa Centre at 38 King Street. Over 30 callers sought to get through to express their concerns about the sale of the Africa Centre. It demonstrates that there is a continued need for the trustees to address the concerns of the African Diaspora community about their deal to sell a 125 year lease to Capital and Counties for £10.5 Million, despite the fact that there is wide concern that this deal is not in the best interests of the charity but that of the property developer.


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