Ahead of the Africa Centre trustees EGM

Dear Supporters,

 It would be a bitter betrayal if the Trustees sold off the cultural heart of Africa in London, while the African community is locked outside the room.

 Ahead of the Africa Centre’s trustees closed meeting at 6.30pm, we invite you and your friends to join us at:

 The Wine Tun, 2-6 Cannon Street on Monday 20 June at 6pm to Save The Africa Centre.

 We promise you an evening of fun, constructive engagement and dialogue with each other as supporters of the Africa Centre. And who knows? The trustees of the Africa Centre may respond to your overwhelming support- make the right call and begin to engage with the community’s call for an open, transparent process of consultation by joining us as well.

Our last event succeeded in persuading Capital and Counties (CapCo), the property developer aiming to buy 38 King to engage with us and postpone the sale, at least until after the trustee’s EGM.

Imagine what we can achieve again – please do not underestimate the difference you can make to ensuring proper consultation is had about the sustainability of this charity for future generations.


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