Say No To trustees closed meeting!

Save the Date! Monday,20th June

Say No To trustees closed meeting!

Dear Friends of the Africa Centre,

Thanks to the extraordinary support, pressure and energy you have placed on the trustees they have been forced to call an Extraordinary General Meeting on 20 June – next Monday.

Yet they have now issued a statement on the Africa Centre website claiming they have ‘no need to consult the members of association’ – the very body from which they are supposed to be elected! As if unaware of the incredible public outrage in the community at their flawed decision-making process and lack of consultation, the trustees have decided to make this a closed meeting.

Protest Meeting:

Please turn out to protest this action and support the Save The Africa Centre Campaign on Monday 20thJune, 6.00pm.

This will also be an opportunity to meet many of the campaign team, find out more about how you can contribute, and continue to support the campaign.

LocationThe Wine Tun, 2-6 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6XX

(Please note: continue to check the blogFacebook and twitter on Monday – as trustees may change location of the meeting)

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5 thoughts on “Say No To trustees closed meeting!

  1. Jonathan says:

    What is so surprising about an EGM only being open to its Members? It’s not a ‘closed’ meeting, it’s a meeting! That’s what happens at EGMs or AGMs.

    • Having decided belated to call an EGM – a meeting that would NEVER have happened without pressure from the hundreds of voices calling for consultation – why make an ill thought out decision to issue a statement on your website claiming you don’t have to consult the members of association? Are you just wasting their time – without listening to their thoughts, ideas and suggestions? That statement alone reveals much about the way in which the members of association of this charity are regarded by the council of trustees. It would appear as though the sale decision has already been made! It seems to be very poor stakeholder management practice by trustees and may be evidence that the current group of trustees are not fit to operate the charity irrespective of whether it stays at 38 King Street or moves – if it doesn’t respect its membership?

    • alero2011 says:

      To help you understand the position more clearly you should be aware that since Mr. Oliver Andrews took over as Chair in 2006 there has been a complete and utter lack of engagement by trustees, despite promises to the contrary, with the Africa Centre’s own members of association. This has, regrettably, led to an apparent inability by trustees as a body to comply with regulatory requirements to release the list of registered members, even when requested by their own members and trustees. This is believed to have resulted from the very real probability that the present trustees have not kept adequate records of who the members are – consequently representing a serious lapse in governance for this charity. The ‘closed’ sense of the 20 June EGM is the outcome of years of neglect by the trustees of its own membership!

    • debbie simmons says:

      Boko Inyundo (Trustee) and other AC members first asked for an EGM on 13th April. Their request was formally declined – in contravention of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

      They wanted: 1) an explanation of the rationale behind the proposed sale, 2) for members to be allowed to consider alternative scenarios, and 3) for a review of the management structure of this charitable trust.

      The trustees’ EGM agenda appears to simply call members to receive an update on the sale, to approve new members nominated since the current dispute began (!) and to dismiss Boko Inyundo as a Trustee.

      This agenda is a ‘closed’ agenda. It does not allow any debate about their decision. It is totally prejudicial to any alternative thinking that members may wish to propose.

  2. outerglobe says:

    Meetings such as this are entitled to be closed only to members – that’s normal, however often AGM’s at least are open to observers (generally organisations want to encourage more members) – with only actual members voting obviously! And it would seem that the (UN)Trustees have neglected to develop/update the membership list The big key q is this crass decision to sell – when there is so much good will, fire and support for The Africa Centre … and so many ways to tap for the money – even a members TKO purchase could be possible …..
    Tho once regained a lot of work needs to be done on the place to make it viable for real income with hires and so forth as a fantastic centre ville location …..
    Hope to reach on Monday – however I am doing a radio show on Resonance FM in London Bridge (will give y’all a shout of course) for Refugee Week Radio

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