Damning Words: Death Knell for African Culture in the UK?

Damning Words: “An important African landmark has been allowed to go to ruin because of no sense of responsibility to generations to come. Instead, the trustees chase their tails in search of what’s current in Lagos, Nairobi, and the Caribbean – all of which could have been showcased under the very roof they no longer see as fit for purpose. It is hard, this vision thing, not everyone has it.”


One thought on “Damning Words: Death Knell for African Culture in the UK?

  1. akila richards says:

    I absolutely support the campaign to keep the Africa Centre, the only building in the heart of London for the purpose to people of african descent. I am sorry that I can not be there, I live outside London and will sign the petition. I noticed in the campaign letter, that there is a meeting requested in April 2011, we are in June now? So if there is to be a meeting in the future I would love to know if only to alert my friends and possibly make it too. Thank you for your efforts, your ongoing campaign, your voice and strength, your eloquence and power. We no longer can be sold and nor can our values. Not about us without us!!!!!

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