Letter to Petitioners, 10/05/2011

Dear Friends of the Africa Centre,

CC: Africa Centre trustees, Graeme Jennings, Business of Culture

In the less than two months since the open letter and petition to Oliver Tunde Andrews and the trustees of the Africa Centre was signed by almost 500 people, it continues to gather support. To date over 1, 200 people have now signed the letter and signalled their desire for a Public Meeting on the decision to sell a 125 year lease of the Africa Centre at 38 King Streetincluding Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mo Ibrahim and Elsie McCabe.

Certainly, we have grave concerns about how the Africa Centre is run that a situation has arisen whereby such a significantly risky decision was taken behind closed doors and without consultation between trustees, members and beneficiaries of this charity – however our aim is to secure an open and public consultation on the decision.

The Save The Africa Centre Campaign would like to re-affirm that the petition and this campaign is about a legitimate request for more information about how, why, and with what detailed plans for the future the trustees have reached this momentous decision.

The public nature of this campaign has been a necessary means of awaking ourselves and the wider community of Africa Centre beneficiaries, members and stakeholders to the gravity of this moment for the Africa Centre – after a long period of numerous private expressions of concerns.

It is not our aim, now or ever to personally humiliate, embarrass or denigrate anyone who may have taken decisions in the perceived best interests of the charity, however, we do believe, the rationale and business case for this decision should have been and should be meticulously and vigorously made to members, beneficiaries, trustees and stakeholders –before we consider closing the doors on the Africa Centre at 38 King Street for 125 years or more.

Ultimately, the decisions on the future of this charity must involve the Africa Centre’s members, beneficiaries and stakeholders – including trustees. They should be taken with due consultation of the views of all those who have a stake in the past, present and future of the Africa Centre.

We thank you for your continued support of the goal to hold an open consultation on this decision and the future of the Africa Centre.

The Save The Africa Centre Campaign
Boko Inyundo, Elizabeth Dudley, Dele Fatunla, Chipo Chung (on behalf of The Save The Africa Centre Campaign)



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